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Design Stages

i) Preliminary Study and Design Stage:
Study the client's requirements and prepare the conceptual design and the main elevations and obtain his approval.

ii) Preliminary Study and Design Stage:
Study the client's requirements and prepare the preliminary drawings, plans, eleva- tions and obtain his approval.

iii) Draft Final Design Stage:
Prepare and submit the preliminary drawings & plans in accordance with the requirements of the concerned authorities and obtain their approval on the prelimi- nary drawings which are approved by the client. Obtain NOC’s from various Depart- ments such as Etisalat, Dubai Electricity & water authority, drainage Department, Road Department, etc. Prepare the architectural, structural, MEP and interior deco- ration drawing and schedule of finishes.


iv) Final Design Stage:
Prepare the final drawings and designs in conformity with the requirements of the concerned authorities. Submit the drawings to the concerned authorities for approval and obtaining the building permit, Prepare specifications.


Construction & Supervision Stage

  • Provide the client with the required technical advice as and when necessary.

  • Supervise the execution of works at site and ensure their conformity with the draw- ings, specifications, acceptable engineering practices and the terms and conditions of the contract documents.

  • Approve the detailed workshop drawings proposed by the contractor, sub- tors or suppliers before commencement of execution.

  • contrac-

  • Provide the contractor with all necessary clarifications pertaining to the contract documents, in order to ensure the satisfactory completion of the project.

  • Approve the samples of materials supplied by the contractor, for use in the project and ensure their soundness and conformity with the standards and specifications.

  • Inspect the materials and their workmanship, and order all necessary tests to be car- ried on them.

  • Report to the client on the progress of the project. Prepare interim payment certificates.

  • Apply to the concerned authorities as per the applicable procedures to obtain their approval for any amendments/variations agreed upon in writing between the client and contractor.

  • Brief Description of OPTIONS Engineering & Consultancy projects experience.

  • However, Options Engineering & Consultancy are established in June 2010 in Dubai, Our team of qualified and well experienced Architects and Engineers has no limits in all fields of projects. During the past decades, they have successfully designed and supervised many major projects in United Arab Emirates and Cairo, Kuwait, Qatar, Syria for Government as well as private Sector. Some of the projects are shown on the following pages as a reference of our future services quality.

Scope and Application

This quality system has been organized to comply with the International Standard ISO 9001:2008. This covers all activities ranging from enquiry, preparing quotations, customer Approval, purchasing of materials, planning, Designing, Project execution, Construction Supervision, quality control, Project Hand over and all subsequent activities within the organisation. All outsourced processes are identified and controlled through purchasing process. The Quality Management System Manual also describes the arrangements for process sequence and interaction, employee competence, the suitability of suppliers and the arrangements for preventing non-conformance, customer satisfaction, improvement and preventive action together with systematic auditing and review of the entire system.

Customer Communication

Options Engineering Consultancies has defined and implements effective liaison with customers, with the aim of meeting customer requirements. Options Engineering Consultancies has defined communication requirements relating to:


  • Product/ services information

  • Enquiries, contracts and order handling, including amendments

  • Customer complaints and their feedback.



Master Plan.png
Master Plan Infrastructure
Architectural Design.png
Architectural Design & Landscaping
Structural & Civil Works.png
Structural & Civil
MEP Works.png
Project Management.png
Feasibility Studies.png
Business Plans.png
Construction & Supervision.png
Construction & Supervision

Design & Development

Options Engineering Consultancies maintains design control procedure to meet the requirements of this section.

Within the scope of contract and when required the design duration is shown by pro- ject schedule or program.

A procedure ensures that relevant design information is effectively communicated between Design in charge and the Civil Engineer. The procedure requires that all design review and transmission of controlled documents be recorded.

All design-input documents such as specifications, standards and customers require- ment will be identified and reviewed for adequacy before design commences.

Design outputs include drawings, Bill of quantities, Calculations, etc. Design output will be reviewed to ensure that the output meets the input requirements and contain reference to acceptance criteria. Design review stages will be initiated when planning for design to explore interfaces between all functions performing the design

Qualified personnel carry out design verification. Records of review and checks are maintained. Design validation will be performed in co-operation with the Marketing department and the end-user of the product.

Records of Design changes are maintained to ensure that design changes can be traced and that the current design documents reflect all design changes.

Green Building Proceedures

Green building refers to both a structure and the application of processes that are environmentally responsible and resource-efficient throughout a building's life-cycle: from planning to design, construction, operation, maintenance, renovation, and demolition. This requires close cooperation of the contractor, the architects, the engi- neers, and the client at all project stages. The Green Building practice expands and complements the classical building design concerns of economy, utility, durability, and comfort.

Therefore, in Addition of Post Box Block at Emirates Post project, will be provided with sustainable engineering designed which has ability to fulfil all the Dubai Mu- nicipality Regulations and to achieve the Green Building Certification of Compli- ance.

The Green building applied as main subject in our office as the following checklist summery:


  1. Ecology and planning.

  2. Building vitality.

  3. Energy.

  4. Water.

  5. Materials & waste.

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